Thursday, March 20, 2008

NEW: Growing Communities Healthcare Alliance

GTA/905 Healthcare Alliance grows into alliance of communities across the province.

Toronto (ON): The GTA/905 Healthcare Alliance has long been an advocate for hospitals in the high growth regions surrounding Toronto. Continuing these efforts and given the needs of hospitals in other high growth communities in Ontario, the Alliance is expanding.

In addition to hospitals in the high growth regions of Durham, Halton, Peel, York, and Dufferin County, membership now includes hospitals in the fast growing regions of Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge, West Ottawa, Fergus and Wellington North. To reflect this new reality, the GTA/905 Healthcare Alliance will be changing its name to Growing Communities Healthcare Alliance.

The six new Alliance members are:
  • Cambridge Memorial Hospital
  • Groves Memorial Community Hospital
  • Guelph General Hospital
  • North Wellington Health Care
  • Queensway Carleton Hospital
  • St. Mary’s General Hospital
They want a stronger voice to resolve long standing problems of timely local access to hospital care and hospital under funding in high growth communities.

Working in collaboration with GTA/905 and Dufferin County mayors, chairs, MPPs, and United Ways, the Alliance has helped bring to the forefront the need for improved funding and increase local access to hospital and health care services as well as other human services in high growth regions. It is hoped that these efforts can now be expanded to many more high growth communities.

The Alliance is working with the Province to begin to fix the hospital funding gaps in high growth regions and is encouraging the Ministry of Health to distribute new provincial hospital and health care funding on a population-needs-based funding formula to ensure an equitable distribution of provincial funding across Ontario.

Ann Stapleford McGuire is Chair of the Alliance. Tariq Asmi is Executive Director.

Mr. Asmi's contact information is:
Growing Communities Healthcare Alliance
Cell: (416) 948-2033 Office: (416) 205-1331

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