Monday, July 2, 2007

Healthcare Reform, Michael Moore and a three-point strategy.

Michael Moore's answer to the problems facing US healthcare policy makers? Rip the system apart, give the federal government control, create a single-payer system that takes for-profit insurance companies out of the equation and regulate pharmaceutical companies "like utilities since they're just as important as electricity and water."

He's got friends. Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama have all proposed radical overhauls of the health-care industry, with the goal of covering more Americans and lowering costs. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has also laid out a plan for remaking California's health system, in the wake of a similar move by Massachusetts.

The proposal from Obama (D-Ill.) came on May 29 in a speech at the University of Iowa, where he outlined a $50 billion-a-year universal health-care plan for all Americans that would increase taxes on the wealthy and require virtually all employers to offer insurance to workers or face tax penalties.