Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Healthcare best practices: special publications list

Healthcare Quarterly

Transforming Healthcare Organizations

This article, based on the experiences of a multi-site hospital, and drawing on past research on organizational change, provides a Four-Stage model to help change leaders in healthcare.

Frequency and Type of Medication Discrepancies in One Tertiary Care Hospital

Safety of the medication use system is an issue for many healthcare organizations today. This problem was clearly identified in the Institute of Medicine's report To Err Is Human.

Enhance a Culture of Patient Safety and Assess the Risks of Medication Use Systems

One strategy for addressing adverse events involving medication use is to utilize a systems approach to patient safety rather than focusing on individual performance.


Strategic Levers for a High-Performing Health System

This special issue of Healthcare Papers brings together most of the Strategic Levers symposium proceedings.

Getting Healthy Work Environments in Health Workplaces

Unhealthy work environments result in unhealthy workers and reduced health outcomes for patients. This commentary focuses on getting real change in the workplace, changes that workers and patients will talk about.

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