Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cuba, to the rescue..!!!

Quality medical services, without waiting

TORONTO, March 4 /CNW Telbec/ - As waiting lists get longer, medical tourism becomes a way to get quality medical services, without waiting. Health Services International is a non profit organization which has recently begun arranging medical services in Cuba for Canadians.

Cuba has been developing medical tourism for over 20 years. Cuban doctors are now recognised as some of the world's finest. In the last 5 years, over 35 thousand patients from 32 countries have benifited from Cuban Medical expertise.

Many Cuban hospitals are certified ISO 14,001 and ISO 9001 which are international standards of cleanliness and excellance. The reputation of Cuban hospitals is well established. Many Canadians have returned from Cuba healed and reassured and are ready to tell their stories.

This was the case of Mrs. Dominique Forget who suffered severe back pain for 10 years. With less than 2 weeks in Cuba, her problem was cured and her life was transformed.

Note the case of Manon Lefrançois, a young woman forced to cancel business trips as it had become too painful to remain seated for long periods. Her doctor in Quebec told her to come back : ''when she could no longer walk''. She went to Cuba for orthopaedic surgery and today she travels the world and her business prospers.

Similarly, Mrs Anne Lortie, a young mother informed that she would go blind within two years as she had retinitis pigmentosa. The only help offered was to suggest that she register with the Braille Institute.

Specialists in Canada maintain that there is no treatment for this degenerative disease. Patients who inquire about treatments given in Cuba receive dire warnings from specialists here. But, Health Services International has helped over a dozen Canadians get treatment for this disease. After an operation and treatments, these clients of HSI will not go blind. Imagine their joy to look forward to the hope of a normal life again, after the despair of a cruel diagnosis.

The full range of medical services are available in Cuba: major surgery, diagnoses, aesthetic surgery, skin care treatments, thalassotherapy and a highly regarded drug rehabilitation program.

Health Services International has an agreement with Cubanacan Turismo Y Salud, to make access to Cuban medical services easier for Canadians. H.S.I. maintains communications between Canadian patients and Cuban medical services and arranges all the details for treatment and travel. Contact: Sandy Rhéaume, Vice President, Health Services International (HSI), (418) 479-2942, Cell: (418) 654-6762, info@hsi-ssi.com

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