Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Canadian Woman Determined Not to go Blind heads to Cuba

Ms. Anne Lortie collapsed in tears the day that she was advised, in a nonchalant way, that she would go blind in a few years. The only help offered was to suggest she sign up for white cane courses at the Braille Institute

She was not able to accept oncoming blindness without trying to do something. That was when she found out about treatments in Cuba for Retinosis Pigmentaria. The operation and treatments usually stop the degeneration and often permit recuperation of at least a part of lost vision.

She sent her medical history to Cuba, but after a year had received no answer.

It was in January of 2007, when she learned of Health Services International, that she sent her dossier to see if it was possible for her to obtain the “miraculous operation”.

In February of 2007, Ms Lortie’s dream came true and she embarked for Havana to have her operation and treatments.

Victory!...the degeneration is stopped…she will not go blind! More than that, she actually recovered a part of the vision that had been lost.

Ms. Lortie wants all Canadians stricken by this disease to know that they need not be afraid to receive treatments in Cuba, that Cuban doctors have a treatment for this ailment and that they are very competent.

Patients from a number of countries have shown that this treatment is not new nor unknown to the medical community. Why then this reticence, when the results speak for themselves and patients come home with joy and relief?

Ms Lortie left for Cuba in spite of negative advice and dire warnings about this treatment. She does not regret for an instant the decision to regain her eyesight and prepare for a better life.

Source : Health Services International

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