Tuesday, March 2, 2010

OTN offering expertise, services and solutions to organizations and healthcare jurisdictions around the world

[Another Great Canadian Success Story]

TORONTO, Feb. 26 /CNW/ - As one of the world's largest and most active telemedicine networks, the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) will faciliate more than 100,000 clinical encounters and distance education opportunities for more than 300,000 people across nearly one thousand sites this year. Secure, reliable and responsive, OTN enables improved access to a variety of clinical programs and services for patients and educational opportunities for health care providers.

OTN's continued growth and success has resulted in global requests for its expertise and it has established a division to facilitate the efforts of other jurisdictions to develop their own telemedicine programs and services.

"OTN is now able to offer our expertise, services and solutions to organizations and healthcare jurisdictions around the world," says OTN CEO Dr. Ed Brown. "Using the skills, processes, technologies and services pioneered by OTN in Ontario since 1993, OTN can work with interested health care organizations and jurisdictions around the world to help them deliver a world-class Telemedicine service."

OTN offers a complete and comprehensive range of telemedicine solutions and services. From those just getting started to those considering scaling up an existing telemedicine operation to the next level, OTN can now offer healthcare jurisdictions around the world a comprehensive telemedicine offering so that they are able to focus on patient care.

In addition, OTN continues to respond to its goal of increased adoption of telemedicine by enabling a more efficient, inexpensive way to integrate telemedicine into a health care provider's practice. OTN has integrated Polycom's PC-based Converged Management Application (CMA) with OTN's sophisticated telemedicine tools and practices. "OTN has been a true innovator and leader in the telehealth market for a number of years," said Dr. Deborah Jeffries, director of Healthcare Markets at Polycom. "We're honored to work with the team at OTN, and we're excited to demonstrate our combined solutions at HIMSS10."

Demonstrations will be featured at both the OTN booth No.6210 and the Polycom booth No.6201.

For further information: Rhona Lahey, Government and Media Relations, (613) 867-9498, rlahey@otn.ca

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