Friday, September 4, 2009

We Americans have chosen to leave 47 million of our citizens . . . . . .WITHOUT HEALTH COVERAGE.

We Americans have chosen to leave 47 million of our citizens . . .

We have chosen to rank 37th in infant mortality and 46th in life expectancy. And the good news? We can choose to change all of this. Let’s start by facing a long-ignored truth: America’s health care “system” isn’t one; it’s a chaotic non-system. Almost nothing is integrated. Even elements that excel by themselves do not work effectively with each other. Health care is inequitable, inefficient, and each year more costly—all because we are not working together.

Honest collaboration is the only path to real solutions. So in the spirit of partnership, I offer you several stories from Group Health physician leaders. These examples illustrate the potential of Group Health’s uncommon model: integrating both health care and medical coverage within the same organization. Instead of the profit driven incentives exacerbating the national crisis, our system allows physicians, researchers, and staff to use scientific evidence, clinical savvy, and system connectivity to improve quality, reduce costs, and enhance the patient experience. I believe there are lessons here for us all. My hope is we can learn together, and together become the change we seek.

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Universal Healthcare Message to Americans from Canadian Doctors & Healthcare Experts

Canadian Doctors for Medicare hosted a celebration of Medicare in Canada. The speakers included Roy Romanow, former Saskatchewan Premier and Commissioner on Health Care in Canada; Steven Lewis, a trusted health policy advisor to Premiers and Ministers; Linda Silas, the head of Canada's nurses unions and several physicians. They tell Americans that Canadian universal healthcare works and encourage Americans to implement a single payer universal healthcare systems. So here it is: Universal Health Care Message to Americans From Canadian Doctors & Health Care Experts.

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