Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A simple diagnosis to finally learn….

Mr. Jean-Guy Gaudreault, of the Outaouais region, was the first patient of Health Services International.

For that event, Mrs. Lucie Vermette, president of Health Services International, was determined to herself accompany Mr. Gaudreault to Havana. She even stayed in the same hospital ward, to see for herself the quality of care, the cleanliness and the quality of food service. The hospital was very comfortable, with sunny terraces, lawn chairs, and above all, friendly personnel.

In so doing, Mrs. Vermette watched over the well-being of her client. In Mr. Gaudreault’s free time, they even did some sight-seeing together.

Mr. Gaudreault went to Havana simply for a diagnosis. He had some serious symptoms: recurrent violent headaches and severe digestion problems. But here in Quebec doctors found nothing wrong. He was deeply worried. Both of his sisters had died of cancer and Mr. Gaudreault wanted to know what to expect.

Several Cuban specialists put him through a series of tests and finally found a minor bacterial infection in his stomach.

Mr. Gaudreault returned from Havana reassured about his health condition, with a simple prescription to be filled.

When heard from last, Mr. Gaudreault said that he is relieved to be freed of his headaches and is happy to finally feel in better health.

He does not regret for a moment his brief stay in Cuba and recommends to anyone who has health problems to take steps to regain good health and to be freed from worry.

Source : Health Services International

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