Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Annual Survey of RHIOs Finds Funding Lagging

The Annual Survey of Regional Health Information Organization Finance, conducted by Healthcare IT Transition Group in 2006 and 2007, gathered financial data from U.S. RHIOs (also called Health Information Exchanges) at all stages of development, from earliest startup through the most mature production stage. The survey team’s report, Sustainable RHIO Funding and the Emerging Business Model. The sample included 23% of the U.S. RHIO cohort. Respondents were located in 28 U.S. states and territories; 52% reported being in the startup stage, 24% in a transition stage, and 24% in production.

The report’s financial analysis of the RHIO space includes an examination of revenue streams, service offerings, stakeholders as sources of revenue, value creation and capital development strategies. Investigators studied contributed, earned and other income, including loans and investor proceeds. The survey report includes 48 charts and tables that illustrate a broad and deep financial picture for this nascent segment of the healthcare and health information technology markets, but one that still remains hamstrung by various technological and non-technological trials.

A summary report is available here:

The full 79-page report is available at Free public summary of the 2007 RHIO finance survey report is available here:

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