Thursday, December 21, 2006

Federation of Medical Women of Canada condemns Libyan Action

Ottawa - December 21, 2006 The Federation of Medical Women of Canada joins other Canadian National Medical Organizations in expressing their outrage against a Libyan court decision to sentence a Palestinian doctor and five Bulgarian nurses to death.

Members of the Federation were distressed to learn that the court did not investigate conditions at the Benghazi hospital where the physician and nurses worked. As well, the scientific evidence that the children had contracted HIV prior to these health professionals working there was disregarded.

“Our members working on behalf of Medical Women’s International Association have traveled to Africa to assist in projects related to HIV. These health care workers are our colleagues and we will not stand for scientific ignorance with respect to HIV-AIDS,” says President, Dr. Gail Beck, “We urge all Canadians, and especially health care professionals to ask Foreign Minister Peter MacKay to vigorously take up this issue with the Libyan Ambassador to Canada.” Mr. MacKay can be reached

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